Marketing Goal:

There’s a new portable grill that’s both charcoal and electric. You have the choice. I created some rough video scripts for them to consider.

What are you?
Grill on a couch in a psychiatrist office – with crazy german accent
“So you’re suffering from a split personality. You think you’re electric AND charcoal. This is very serious…”

Mad Dad
Redneck father standing with mother sobbing
“You need to make a choice. You’re either electric or you’re charcoal! Ya can’t be both! Not in my house!”

Pickup Line
Guy walks up to grill at a bar. His friend urges him on.
“Hey, you’re looking good tonight. Can I buy you a…(lifting the grill’s lid) What the!? Oh no, I thought you were electric. I mean I saw the cord and everything… Stumbles away while friend laughs.”

Tough Situation
Grill in a back alley. Mobsters grab and extension cord and unplug it. “Lemme see ya get outta this one wiseguy” Grill cover off with glowing charcoal. “Well played…well played…” Mobsters walk away.”

Love Story
Woman sees grill at coffee shop – walks up. Woman and grill on couch watching movies, in the park, shopping. At intimate dinner – “I saw your cord and was attracted to you because you’re electric. But now I love you because you’re charcoal too! I’m the luckiest woman ever!” (tearing up)

The Wizard 1:00

Interview session with Meco design engineers…

Engineer 1 – We needed to come up with a product that customers really wanted. We thought “Transformers.” People like Transformers. (Cut to hideous Transformer looking grill that falls over.) But, that didn’t work out so well. Then we thought, what about the female demographic.

Engineer 2 “The ladies…” (Cut to pink grill with fluffy handle.) It didn’t test well with our focus group. (Group of unhappy looking women walk out. One slaps the engineer in the back of the head.)

Engineer 1 – We were desperate so…we got some help. (Cut to engineers with a wizard – robe, long beard, staff) We got a, a wizard. He’s a little…unorthodox. (Cut to wizard in hard hat. Waves wand and turns it into his pointy hat. Hands engineer a list with “Eye of newte, unicorn tears, roasted bat wings, etc”.) But what he came up with…amazing! (Cut to wizard stirring big steaming pot. Wizard walks out from bright light with a Lock N’ Go grill.) You see it’s electric AND charcoal. You don’t have to choose. You get the ease and convenience of electric with the portability and flavor of charcoal. (Leans into the camera and whispers). It’s magic. (Cut to the wizard nodding his head. An engineer waves. Poof! The wizard vanishes in a cloud of smoke. Seconds later Poof. A long scroll marked INVOICE poofs into the hands on an engineer. The scroll rolls out onto the floor.) Taste the MAGIC with a Lock N’ Go electric/charcoal grill. VO it’s magic.