Create advertising content that seeks to establish an emotional connection with the viewer. Promote the social connection that occurs when playing cards. For general users promote cards as “must haves” for a variety of situations. For collectors, create more compelling content that promotes collectors decks. Create a slogan or series of slogans to be used in advertising.


The goal of these spots is to build an emotional connection between the viewer and the brand. If we make the viewer feel something they are more likely to share the video on social media. The videos would be shot in a quick cut, contemporary style with a little bit of edge to balance the emotion.

Office Cafeteria

Man sits down with his food at an empty table and runs his hand across his head. He’s stressed. A coworker a few tables away looks on then returns to eating his food. The coworker looks again and again at the stressed man and finally gets up. He walks over to the man who looks up slightly confused. It’s obvious they don’t know each other. As the man is standing he reaches in his pocket and pulls out a deck of cards. “Play a hand?” he says. The man at the table leans back and says, “Cards? You wanna play cards? Why not. “ The man sits and the two begin playing cards. As the game goes on you see the two begin to talk, then laugh. They get competitive and slap the cards down on the table. Two guys at the next table look on. The man with the cards invites them to join in. They take a seat at the table. The four men laugh, fist bump. Throw their hands up. Other coworkers take notice. They smile. The game ends and the men all shake hands and pat each other on the back. The first two men look at each other. The stressed man is smiling. “Thanks.” He says.


Evening at the airport. A small crowd of passengers looks up at the flight display board and sees their flight has been delayed. A businessman sits down with his head in his hands. He looks up. At the magazine stand near the gate he sees a deck of cards. He buys them and returns to his seat. He taps the shoulder of an older gentleman and says, “Play a hand?” The older man smiles and says, “You’re on.” The two play cards. They exchange competitive glances and laughs. A young couple notices the fun the businessman and the older gentleman are having. They put away their tablets. The young couple walks up. The businessman points to the magazine stand and the young couple buys a deck of cards also. They begin playing with another couple. Other passengers watch. People are talking, laughing and smiling. An announcement comes on. The flight will be delayed another 30 minutes. The young couple and the two men cheer.


Side of the road in the middle of nowhere. A man is on his cell phone while steam rises up from the open hood of his minivan. “At least an hour?!” He snaps at the person on the phone. He turns to his wife and two kids. The kids slump down in their seats looking discouraged. The wife thinks for a minute. She reaches in the glove box and grabs a deck of cards. She opens the back of the van and pulls out a blanket. She spreads the blanket in the grass and calls for the family to join her. The kids reluctantly get out of the van then take a seat. The husband is still stressed but he follows the kids. The wife deals. At first the kids play begrudgingly. Soon they become more animated and talkative. They point and laugh. The kids team up against the parents and win. They slap high fives. The husband laughs and tosses his cards in. A tow truck pulls up in front of the van. The driver looks but the family ignores him. He gets out of the truck and walks over to the family and stands with his hands on his hips. The husband looks up. “Hey, can you give us a few minutes? We’re almost done.”


Mom and 8-year old boy get in the car. The mom turns and says, “Grandma will be so happy to see you. And don’t worry, we don’t have to stay long.” They walk into a nursing home, down the hall and to a room where small, frail grandma sits. The three hug then sit at a table. The boy forces a smile. They sit in awkward silence for a few minutes. Grandma grins then gets up. She walks to a shelf and gets a deck of cards. She sits and begins dealing to the boy. The mom helps him play. The boy’s eyes light up. They talk and laugh. The boy puts his cards on the table and raises his hands victoriously. The mom motions to her watch. “Do we have to go?” the boy says. He gives his grandma a big hug. “ Thanks Grandma. (he pauses) See you tomorrow?” Grandma smiles.

Ladies lunch

Four very proper ladies (in their 30s) are sitting in a living room in awkward silence – sipping tea and exchanging glances. The hostess nervously gets up and goes into the kitchen. She puts her hand on her head. The party is a bust. She sees a deck of cards. She grabs the cards and a pack of cookies. The ladies sit at the kitchen table. They play poker, using cookies as chips. Slow motion shots as they laugh, glare at each other, toss out cookies, pull in the pot. The cardigans come off and the sexy comes out. Hair lets down, glasses come off. They have bread sticks between their teeth like cigars. They get loud and rambunctious – acting like a bunch of frat boys. High fives and slow motion chest bump. The husband and sons walk in and look at the scene wide-eyed. The hostess smiles and gives them a devilish wink.