Share Charlotte connects volunteers to their perfect charity. The logo reflects diversity and choice and the beauty that’s created when individuals interact. There is a sense of motion that is created by the space between the shapes.

And the winner is Motobean. It is a mobile coffee business that offers high end coffee drinks on wheels. I brainstormed several names and these were the final two. I also presented logo concepts and tag lines to support the name.

So you want wings, a horse, a crown, a banner and a heart, in a crest? Sure thing! This was one of those situations where it seemed impossible to fit all of the client’s requests into one logo – that would appeal to young equestrian girls. But It worked out. I opted to go for a one color logo to help unify all of the diverse elements. The logo lives in a bright, playful family of colors that appeals to young girls.

Charlotte Seen is a red carpet event company. I came up with the name and spelled it “Seen” rather than scene to play off of the red carpet aspect of the business. The carpet looks as if it has been rolled out and the letters are “walking” down it.



Inventors Digest is a 48 page monthly magazine for inventors. It was a really fun project because I did photography, drew illustrations and did the entire layout. I was the designer for the magazine for about 16 issues.