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Break Out or Blend In?

How do you stand out in this crowded digital market? CREATIVITY.

Creativity doesn’t follow the rules. It fights to be unique when the rest are mundane. It catches our attention. It draws us in. We think. We feel. We respond. That’s the spirit of Rogue Strategic Marketing.

How can you be Rogue and Strategic at the same time? With a sound strategy comes the confidence to be disruptively creative. This isn’t about shock value. It’s about creating marketing with a soul, a voice, a sense of humor. It means breaking through the noise to connect where it matters most and winning more customers.

Is your website a little TIRED?

Was your web copy written by an experienced marketing copy writer? If not, you’re missing out on chances to convert visitors into customers. Your copy needs to create interest, excitement, urgency – AND ACTION. In a week or less, we can turn your website from a sleepy online brochure, into a powerful lead generator.


How do we get new people to buy? How do we get people to buy more and tell their friends? And, how do we do it with this scrawny little budget? That’s the real deal about strategy. You gotta be creative, resourceful and responsive. You have to dig and dig until you uncover what customers really need and want. Then, you have to know the tools of the trade to spread the message effectively.


If you don’t think, “That’s a great idea!” then don’t do it. You’ll waste your time and bore people. And worse, no one will like you and you won’t make money. We won’t let any of that happen. We engage, entertain, inspire, inform, and tickle the funny bone. NO HO HUM – EVER! If you’re willing to push your brand and your strategy to the edge, then let’s get pushin!


No food in your teeth. No hair sticking up. We won’t let you go out in public looking jacked up. We make you look awesome! If it’s not “killer” then we didn’t execute – get it? Standards so high you would think our office was in Denver. Isn’t that what you’re paying for? There are artists at work here. We’re from the “no participation medals” generation. We play to win.


Yes!! Service. Good old, call you back, answer an email, deliver on time, so what if it’s after 5pm, let’s meet and crank this out – service. You will get an email at 11pm on a Saturday because a great idea came up. You will be told “NO” if you suggest something completely off-target. You will eventually hug us and recommend us to other people. You will see an ROI in more ways than just money.

We created a brand to match the toughness of the product. Also, the client loves rhinos. We developed the logo, packaging and marketing to support the product in retail.

Robinson Law Group is a specialized firm catering to start-ups and millennials. We went with simple stories of what happens when you don’t take the right legal action followed by a brief wrap up.

The SHARE Charlotte brand is all about relationships. Each colored piece is unique and relates to the other in a way that “shapes” the others. These shapes form a beautiful, moving community. This mark was more about deep personal exploration for the client than competitive analysis.

For MR Brewer Fine Woodworking, what they do is more than renovation. They create a new environment and a new experience. The campaign communicates this with a little wordplay. The other ads were: New Staircase – Bold New Steps and Time to Renovate – Rejuvenate. Print and digital.

What do you do with a content piece about different foodservice equipment brands? You take photos of combi ovens, hot wells, and under counter fridges and you Photoshop them into a bad ass robot. Then you run with the theme for 1,000 words. Then, you print a 6 foot version of the robot and send it to folks who read the article.

The bright, colorful cloth purses from Anna Street are a special treat. Buy several to match any outfit. That’s where the concept of Bathing Yourself in Color came from. This eye-catching ad was super low budget, but, it yielded large store window posters, small space magazine ads, and online banners.